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Our Commitment to You:
“As a client of ours, We want you to know that You have the right to expect professional, artistic designs, which are environmentally friendly and comply with local regulations.You will be respected and not taken for granted.”

Red 8 Designs primary focus is on quality and sustainable design and execution. It believes a successful project can only be achieved by sourcing the best advice and knowledge in the field and combining it with the most talented individuals to obtain an outcome for the client that exceeds their expectations. The company strives to provide the best design advice to its clients by ensuring that all communications are directly between the client and the managing director, who is personally in charge of overseeing all work.

Red 8 Designs was established to fill a niche in the Australian and especially NSW market for a complete Design Consultancy that incorporates master planning, environmental planning, architecture, interior design, lighting design, and project co-ordination. Red is a very strong positive colour and the number 8 is associated with strong energy in the universe, since it symbolizes a closed loop and positivity. The company believes that it is impossible to provide a quality service to its clients, unless this comprehensive approach is taken. We have noticed a trend in the industry that more and more of our clients and client managers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and better informed and that they demand fast, efficient service that is “best-practice” and industry leading. We believe that we are one of the few role players who are in a position to fulfil this need with quality design and construction experience.

The company is spearheaded by the principal and managing director, Frederik Wilhelm Koegelenberg, who has extensive experience in Australia and abroad. He is a NSW registered architect who holds an MBA from the University College Dublin, a certificate in Mediation and Arbitration and is a Green Building Council of Australia accredited professional. He is used to and comfortable working with small budgets ($50,000) to large projects ($100M+) and has provided consultancy and advice to government bodies for over 15y in Australia and abroad. He is supported by a dedicated team including architects, technologists and administration personnel.

The company has relevant Professional Indemnity insurance as well as Public Liability insurance of $5,000,000.00. The company uses the latest technology in Building Information Systems (BIM) for project modelling, shadow studies, design development and project visualization.

Sustainable design forms the backbone of the Design and Conceptual philosophy practiced by the company. The company is very mindful that clients have to be cost conscious in these times and that any Environmentally Sustainable Design Concepts have to also be economically viable and sit comfortably within the budget. Fortunately, there are many easy and cost effective ways to achieve this, such as the governments’ $30M Sustainable Grant Scheme that was released in 2009 by DECC and by educating staff and creating a culture of conscious use and conservation of resources. Red 8 Designs includes a Green Star Accredited Professional and has close ties and partnerships with Industry Leading Firms in the field. These include NABER Accredited Professionals that can calculate the compulsory ABGR ratings required for many buildings.
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